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 <panel type="​default"​ title="​Contact Us">​ <panel type="​default"​ title="​Contact Us">​
 You can contact us You can contact us
-  ​* via our Mailinglist (preferred)\\ [[contact@lists.zom.bi]] +  * On IRC\\ [[irc://​irc.hackint.net/​zombi|#​zombi on hackint]] <​sup>​([[https://​webirc.hackint.org/#​irc://irc.hackint.org/#zombi|WebIRC]])</​sup>​
-  ​* On IRC\\ [[irc://​irc.hackint.net/​zombi|#​zombi on hackint]] <​sup>​([[http://irc.zom.bi/​|WebIRC]])</​sup>​+
   * on XMPP\\ [[xmpp://​zombi@conference.zom.bi?​join|zombi@conference.zom.bi]]   * on XMPP\\ [[xmpp://​zombi@conference.zom.bi?​join|zombi@conference.zom.bi]]
-  * on Twitter\\ [[https://​twitter.com/​zombisystems|@zombisystems]] 
   * on Mumble\\ [[mumble://​mumble.zom.bi?​title=Zom.bi&​version=1.2.0|mumble.zom.bi]]   * on Mumble\\ [[mumble://​mumble.zom.bi?​title=Zom.bi&​version=1.2.0|mumble.zom.bi]]
-  * by calling +49 30 20236877, if someone waiting for the call in Mumble 
 </​panel>​ </​panel>​
 </​col>​ </​col>​